Family Violence and Civil Protection Orders

Any member of a family—spouses, partners, parents, children—can become a victim or perpetrator of domestic violence. A family member in fear of imminent physical or emotional harm has a legal remedy under Ohio law called a Protection Order. A Protection Order tells the perpetrator to stop abusing you. The Protection Order also can tell the abuser to stop contacting you, to leave a home that you share, to stay away from your children, or may contain other restrictions intended to keep you safe from further harm.

Legal Representation for Ohio Civil Protection Orders

If you are a victim of family violence, obtaining a civil protection order through the legal process may be overwhelming. You may be afraid that you will not properly present your case to the court and will not be granted a Civil Protection Order, leaving you at even a greater risk for future violence.

If you have been accused of family violence, without an adequate defense at the hearing, you may be falsely labeled an abuser. A Civil Protection Order may also restrict your custodial rights to your children and even result in your being charged with a criminal offense.

Whether you are the victim of violence or the alleged perpetrator of abuse, you should have legal representation during the legal process. Only attorneys experienced in civil domestic violence law can fully assert and protect your rights during legal proceedings regarding family violence.

Swift Legal Action to Protect Your Rights

Because of the potential for severe consequences in family violence situations, actions for Civil Protection Orders are addressed very quickly by Ohio courts. Whether you are a victim or alleged abuser, decisions affecting your rights will be made within a short period of time. Time is of the essence and it is very important that you do not delay in securing legal representation.

The Massucci Law Group has considerable experience in representing both victims of domestic violence and defending individuals accused of causing harm in civil protection order cases. We are passionate about the well-being of our clients and provide both the legal representation and personal support you need to in order to protect your rights.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Massucci Law Group serves family law clients in Franklin County and throughout Central Ohio. We invite you to learn more about our team, our strengths, our services, and to contact us to schedule a consultation.

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