LGBTQ and Stepparent Adoption

Columbus, Ohio LGBTQ and Stepparent Adoption Attorneys

Legally formalizing the family you have created is your right. As you begin to explore adoption, it is critical to have an experienced attorney to help you navigate the complex process and ensure that the rights of all parties are protected. The attorneys at Massucci Law Group are dedicated to promoting parental rights and are passionate about protecting the rights and safety of the children whose parents we represent in LGBTQ and stepparent adoptions.

LGBTQ Adoption in Ohio

While the addition of a child to a family is one of the happiest events for any parent, the legal issues related to LGBTQ adoptions are unique. The adoption process for LGBTQ families may feel overwhelming because of the past uncertainty of Ohio law. Whether you wish to adopt a surrogate child or a partner's biological child, the Massucci Law Group has unparalleled depth and knowledge in adoption law for LGBTQ parents and their children.

We understand your concerns and honor your unique experience. We will help you understand the legal implications of the choices you may make in the adoption process. Our primary commitment is to helping you achieve the best outcome for your family.

LGBTQ Stepparent Adoption in Ohio

In many Ohio families, children have stepparents who play a crucial role in their lives, particularly in situations where the non-custodial parent may be absent from the child’s life. For any number of reasons, a stepparent may wish to be the legal parent of the child. Through this process, the stepparent will attain all the rights, responsibilities and duties as if the child were born to him or her.

A stepparent adoption can be a complex legal undertaking. At Massucci Law Group, we will use our considerable experience to walk you through the process step-by-step, reassuring you, guiding you, and helping you achieve your goal.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Massucci Law Group serves family law clients in Franklin County and throughout Central Ohio. We invite you to learn more about our team, our strengths, our services, and to contact us to schedule a consultation.

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