Modifying and Enforcing Court Orders

At Massucci Law Group, we understand that when life changes, the court orders that once served you and your family well may need to change, too. Post-decree proceedings may address child custody, parenting time, financial support, or all three. Each family situation is unique and when you seek to modify an existing order, matters can become complicated.

To chart the best course for your modification proceeding, you need to consult with a skilled and experienced family law attorney. At Massucci Law Group, we use our in-depth knowledge and resources to help our clients make or oppose changes to existing court orders.

Modifying Ohio Custody and Parenting Time Orders

The type of changes most often affecting custody and parenting time include:

  • A parent moves, making parenting time difficult
  • A parent gets a new job, loses a job, or has a change in work schedule
  • A parent becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • A child becomes enrolled in a different school district

In order to obtain modification of a custody or parenting time order, you must set out sufficient facts to show a “substantial change in circumstances” from the time the existing order was made, and that one or more of the provisions of that order are no longer in the best interests of your child. In some cases, parents find it difficult to agree on necessary changes and find it necessary to file a formal motion in court. To successfully modify a custody or parenting time order, it is critical that the court hear all of the relevant evidence; failure to do so may result in denying any changes to the current order.

The attorneys at Massucci Law Group understand these challenges and will utilize their substantial experience to be strong advocates for you and your child- whether negotiating an informal resolution or presenting evidence at a modification hearing.

Modifying Ohio Child Support and Spousal Support Orders

If one or both parties has a significant change in their financial position, it may be appropriate to modify child and/or spousal support orders. Ohio law sets forth the specific circumstances and limitations that may justify child and spousal support modifications. It is very important that you have strong legal representation to assist you in presenting the evidence necessary to establish that a change may or may not be appropriate.

Massucci Law Group understands that changes in income or expenses can suddenly render an original order unreasonable. When you are faced with a change in circumstances in your family, we will put our considerable experience and resources to work to advise you of all your options and help you achieve a positive result.

Enforcement of Ohio Court Orders

Having a court order in place allows both parties to understand their legal rights and obligations. However, it can be frustrating, and even financially devastating, when a spouse owes support or doesn't uphold their parenting time obligations.

At Massucci Law Group, we have extensive experience holding people accountable when they fail to abide by a court order. Our attorneys are skilled at making sure parties experience consequences for non-compliance, including holding the other party in contempt. When a party fails to abide by his or her financial obligations, we are experienced in securing wage garnishments, garnishing bank accounts, obtaining liens on property, and securing court orders to seize property. We will use our experience to advise you of your options and fight to obtain the compliance with all court orders.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Massucci Law Group serves family law clients in Franklin County and throughout Central Ohio. We invite you to learn more about our team, our strengths, our services, and to contact us to schedule a consultation.

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